Dry Slides

Dry Slides


#2210 Spiderman 6 in 1 Combo(DRY)

Spiderman 6 in 1 Combo



#2215 Rockin Rapids Slide (2)

15 Foot Wet or Dry Slide



#2217 15 ft midnight slide

This slide can be used wet with the pool or dry without the pool



15ft Slide #112

The attention getting dry slide is sure to bring everyone running and keep them sliding at your next event! Participants can climb up 15' for a sleek and fast drop to the cushioned bottom. With a colorful red, green, purple and yellow theme, this slide will match any theme! Riders will enter the left side of the inflatable play structure and make the climb and slide down the right side of the slide and exit on the right, ready to run around for a second turn!!



18ft Slide #111

This 18ft dry slide is guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any indoor or outdoor event. Hooded safety on top makes sure riders slide down properly. Riders will climb up the left side and slide down the right. This is a great way to promote enjoyable and healthy activity and will add excitement and value to any event!



Ninjasaur #200

This dinosaur slide's realistic scales, claws and mouth are as impressive as his 85-foot body length! Visitors embark on their Jurassic experience through the jaws of the dino slide and climb up 17 feet to the top of the sliding platform and cruise down the curving back of the NinjaSaur. The 180-degree slide allows the journey to continue; participants can then climb back up the curving dino tail and enjoy a straight slide down through the Dinosaur's mouth. This provides a 190 feet of continuous climb and slide thrill on a single full run.



Ninjawall #201

Become an Ninja Warrior and conquer the Ninjawall! An inflatable warped wall with 3 different deck heights, 10 foot, 6 foot or 8 foot! Run up the specially designed warped wall which is firm even though it is 100% inflatable. Non slip vinyl ensures you have enough grip to make it to the top! If you need a helping hand there are removable PVC grab bars to pull yourself up onto the deck; once at the top its a left turn to slide down back to the start.



Raiders of Lost Temple Dual Slide #188

This impressive double lane slide is a dual dry slide guaranteed to add tons of excitement and acceleration to any indoor or outdoor event. Great for promoting friendly competition or group challenges, kids can climb together up the center climb, and then choose a left- or right-sided slick slide, for a fast-track ride to the cushioned bottom with a safety stop. Hooded safety on top makes sure the riders slide down properly.